Discover Our Roll-in Dock Options

Discover Our Roll-in Dock Options

We sell roll-in docks in Albany, NY

When you need a reliable, sturdy and removable dock system, a roll-in dock could be the right choice for your property. Karner Docks & Lifts offers roll-in docks in the Albany, Saratoga Lake, Great Sacandaga Lake & Copake Lake, NY areas. Our boat docks are ideal for shores with medium to hard bottoms with less than 12 inches of mud.

Roll-in docks create a mild to moderate slope and are used in areas with less than 9 feet of water depth at the end of the dock. With proper shoreline characteristics, roll-in docks can be simple to install and remove. Contact Karner Docks & Lifts today to speak with a certified FLOE dealer in Albany, NY.

3 worthwhile advantages of rolling docks

If you need to remove your dock each fall and reinstall it in the spring, consider a FLOE roll-in dock. Roll-in docks offer a variety of benefits, such as:

Being easy to push in and pull out of the water

Being available in sections or as one

Disconnecting for easier storage

You want to be able to remove your dock during seasonal or unpredictable water fluctuations. Call 518-452-5685 today to learn more about roll-in docks in Albany, Saratoga Lake, Great Sacandaga Lake & Copake Lake, NY.