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About Karner Docks & Lifts of Albany, NY

David Rossi founded Karner Docks & Lifts, LLC in 2014 after realizing there were no certified FLOE dealers in the Albany & Saratoga Lake, NY area. Rossi is an avid FLOE user, and he knows how valuable and dependable their products are. He has years of experience with lifts and docks and has learned what makes for an outstanding product.

Karner Docks & Lifts has become a trusted choice for both boating beginners and experts. We have a grand selection of lifts, docks and boat dock accessories in Albany, NY.

Karner Docks & Lifts is all about providing outstanding customer service. We understand how important it is to choose the right product the first time, because your boat is a treasured possession. When you shop with us, we’ll:

  • Spend as much time with you as you need
  • Answer your questions with expert knowledge
  • Give you time to contemplate the pros & cons

We want to give you a personalized experience, and we’ll never pressure you to jump the gun and buy the first thing you see. We'll walk you through the options so you can make the best decision possible – even when it comes to simple accessories.

Don’t rely on a distant online store – come in and view our selection in person. We have great FLOE products (including floating docks, sectional docks and rolling docks) in Albany, NY. Visit Karner Docks & Lifts today or call us at (518) 452-5685 with any inquires.

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